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.:: Simple Wind Shelter ::.

Material List
  • 3.5 mtr2 3/4 oz Ripstop or heavier cloth.
  • One End Cap [ID 14mm.]
  • 1.5 mtr. Shock cord. [6mm]
  • Dacron 50cm2
  • Heavy Webbing 1mtr.
  • 1 Guyline [about 3 to 4 meters.]
  • 4 Ground Stakes
  • 1 Pole [3 mtr x 12mm OD]
To build this shelter you will need a square that is 350 cm. x 350 cm. You can use your scraps for this or you can go wild with your imagination. Of course if you want a bigger one just scale it up. Once you have made the square it needs to be cut back to the specifications in the drawing. You should end up with a high aspect ratio diamond kite shape. The leading edge is cut concave so that the sail maintains a tight edge and doesn't flap about in the wind. The side or trailing edges are not so important although you can also cut these slightly concave. Don't throw away the discarded bits off the leading edge, as these are big enough to make a carry bag for your project.

Click images for a bigger look.

The next step is to hem the sail all around and sew the dacron reinforcements to the corners. This is sewn to both sides of each corner for strength.
The webbing is sewn on top of the reinforcing dacron forming a loop where the shock cords are fed through. Only the top corner gets an extra fitting in the form of an end cap. This should fit the spar you wish to use. I used a 12mm. fiberglass tube. Drill a hole for the shock cord to go through as well as the guyline. That is about it, just hammer the stakes into the ground and tie the shock cords to the stakes. I use hooks for this so as not to have to undo knots when packing it up. Tie the guyline to the top end stake and place the pole in the ground on a slight angle. You can play with this until you have the desired height. By altering the angle of the pole you can make the shelter wider or narrower. You will have to play with the spacing of the stakes as well. Note that the sail is off the ground, this is to circulate the air through it. My old shelter used to get very hot inside. If you have any comments regarding this project, please go to my contact page to send me an email.

Good luck if you are planning on making one.