Clown Socks, an anemone with a clown fish, click to see them My Great Clown Bol, Click to see it. Ralph, the inflatable Eddy. Have a look. My Angel Shark, cross between a shark and a Ray, great looking kite. Click to take a look Check out the Moorish Idols A great looking monkey, trying to catch a banana, click it to take a look. A French Angel Fish, click to take a look The all time favorite kite I made. Take a look. Longfin Banner Fish Kit-set, the popular build yourself fish

Cervia Poster

.:: Cervia 2005 ::.

I would like to thank Claudio and his team for putting on a great festival.

The weather was more than we could have hoped for. Great flying conditions. The pictures speak a thousand words.

I hope you enjoy the 200 plus images in these albums.

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