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.:: Copper Banded Butterfly Fish ::.

Here is the next installment of the Fish in line series. This species is a "Copper Banded Butterfly Fish". Chelmon Rostratus if you speak latin, also known as beaked or longnose butterfly. I call them LBF for short, it is such a mouthful otherwise. They are attached to the line in two places and are very similar in structure to the Idols. They are also very complex to build and consist of around 60 panels.

Some of the images don't do them justice as the wind was very light and full inflation had not taken place when I took some of these photos.
The size of all the " Fish in Line " pieces depicted here are 3 meters long.

The "LBF" are made in three sizes, basically the same as for the Idols. To recap, that is 1.8, 3 and 4.5 meter versions. And yes, they are now for sale should you want to add one to your kite bag. Please go to my for sale page and check it out.

Four more species are on the drawing board and will be launched in the not too distant future. Keep an eye out for them here at