Clown Socks, an anemone with a clown fish, click to see them My Great Clown Bol, Click to see it. Ralph, the inflatable Eddy. Have a look. My Angel Shark, cross between a shark and a Ray, great looking kite. Click to take a look Check out the Moorish Idols A great looking monkey, trying to catch a banana, click it to take a look. A French Angel Fish, click to take a look The all time favorite kite I made. Take a look. Longfin Banner Fish Kit-set, the popular build yourself fish

.:: Fanø Kitefliers Meeting 2007 ::.

Fano 2007

Another year on the beautiful island of Fanø, so much room and so many kite flyers. It truly is a unique experience to be part of it all. As far as your eye can see along the 15 km stretch of beach the sky is littered with kites great and small. ~Robert

Some OLD some NEW some borrowed and some BLUE, enjoy the images in these albums.


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