Clown Socks, an anemone with a clown fish, click to see them My Great Clown Bol, Click to see it. Ralph, the inflatable Eddy. Have a look. My Angel Shark, cross between a shark and a Ray, great looking kite. Click to take a look Check out the Moorish Idols A great looking monkey, trying to catch a banana, click it to take a look. A French Angel Fish, click to take a look The all time favorite kite I made. Take a look. Longfin Banner Fish Kit-set, the popular build yourself fish

.:: Feedback ::.

From:Glenn Mitchell
Date : 27-Jun-2013
Message:Those banners are genius! You are blessed with true creative spirit.

From:Reiner Bogner
Date : 19-Jan-2012
Message:Dear Robert, thank you very much for sharing your wonderful kites with us kite-enthousiasts.I love your monkey ! All the best and take care ! Reiner

From:Peg & Bob Hoffpauir
Date : 17-Feb-2011
Message:Howdy from Houston, Texas. Just wanted to say we enjoyed our visit. All of your kite goodies are awesome. You deserve to be proud. Happy Trails

Name:Jeremy Aka Jerryx4 ZK-JHO
Signed on:Sun 05-Apr-2009

Hi! I was just flying with u in FSX. OMG ur kites are Awsum! Love the Monkey!
Kool As

Name:George Paisiovich
Signed on:Sat 28-Mar-2009
Message:Good stuff as Ray would say.
Look forward to purchasing some your excellent items.
Look forward to running into you somewhere.
Good winds.
George Paisiovich

Name:Si Yien
Signed on:Thu 08-Jan-2009

Great kites! Hope to see them live one day in NZ together with Alex:-)

XxX Si Yien (Alex' girlfriend)

Signed on:Mon 05-Jan-2009

Greetings Robert and Sue.Great Site I am looking forward to flying swallows on Fano But will miss you there mate. Hoping you have a fantastic 2009 you both deserve it. keep me updated on the Kite Kopier please.

Name:Willem Woning (Holland)
Signed on:Wed 10-Sep-2008

Hello Robert,
(very)Long time no see...............
we were good friends in Holland and i found you, Hope you remember me.
Greetings from Den Haag, Holland
Willem Woning

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