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.:: Kite festivals ::.

.:: 2011 ::.

It all started the same way 2010 did, it started at the Chateau Tongariro in the National Park on new years day. I only went for one day this year due to other commitments. Had a ball and it was good to catch up with my friends again.
A few weeks later it was back to Nelson for the 20th Anniversary. The wind was very bad this year and I could not get much airborne, I was not the only one either. Some kites ended up fighting one and another and one even went for a swim, just to be caught out by a local fisherman. It was a great socializing weekend nevertheless.

.:: Years gone by ::.

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2010Click to drop text
The year of 2010 started early as the first festival was on New Years Eve. It was held at the Tongariro National Park in front of The Chateau.
The second one I visited was held at Nelson. It was a combination of the 19th Nelson festival and the NZKA's AGM.
you can click on the links below to see the images of those festivals.
2009Click to drop text
Well, what a year this has been for me attending kite festivals. I have attended 7 festivals overseas this year. That is a record for me, I was away from home for 8 weeks and it would have been better if my wife was with me, well next time around. Lets hope so.

Most of these festivals are stil being worked on. I will update these pages soon.
2008Click to drop text
We did look forward to making a trip that year, especially what we both have been through. Sue and myself visited first England and France and then Holland. We had a good time there and have images to show you. The festivals we visited in order of attendance were,

2007Click to drop text
This was not a bad year despite what has happened to me. I did have a great trip to Fanõ in Denmark. I have wanted this for a while as it was one of the best festivals I have been to back in 1998. You can view pictures of this festival [Here].

2006Click to drop text
That has shaped up to have been a good year as I have visited four festivals in Europe again as well as Nelson right here in New Zealand.
I love going there not only because some members of my family live there but a great deal of my friends are in Europe as well and it is always great to see them again. Emmen was fantastic albeit a bit wet at times but Gerrie does a good job of keeping things running smoothly.
Next on the itinerary was Portsmouth. We stayed at the all familiar Rees Hall, just across from the flying field so that we don't have too far to go in the morning.
The Brighton Kiteflyers BBQ is something of a tradition. Thanks guys we love black sausages. And lets not forget Robert and Helene Valkenburg and their advocaat and stroop wafels, hhhmmmm lekker. Dieppe France, was also a great experience as usual, take a look. [Click Here]

2005Click to drop text
Cervia is another great festival held in Italy. [Click here] for a report.

2004Click to drop text
I had visited Dieppe in France, Bristol and Portsmouth in England.
Another festival I visited in Europe is Emmen in the Netherlands. This is a great festival and is getting bigger by the year.

2003Click to drop text
I won a trip to the Bondi beach festival because of Garfield.
Another festival I visited in Europe is Emmen in the Netherlands. This is a great festival and is getting bigger by the year.

1998Click to drop text
I went to the Fano 1998 festival just to see what all the talking was about. And yes, they were right, it is a great place to be if you like flying likes, one of the best on this globe.