Clown Socks, an anemone with a clown fish, click to see them My Great Clown Bol, Click to see it. Ralph, the inflatable Eddy. Have a look. My Angel Shark, cross between a shark and a Ray, great looking kite. Click to take a look Check out the Moorish Idols A great looking monkey, trying to catch a banana, click it to take a look. A French Angel Fish, click to take a look The all time favorite kite I made. Take a look. Longfin Banner Fish Kit-set, the popular build yourself fish

.:: Ground Art ::.

Here you can see the various items I have designed to make the ground look great as well as the sky. You can click on their name tags to go to their own pages or just click on the images for a bigger look.

Clown Bol
There are over 100 tentacles sewn on and there are four inflatable clown fish hiding amongst them. Better known as Nemo's
Kiwi Banner
This bird is a bottom dweller and does not have wings to fly, hence the idea for a ground art item from our country down here.
Kite Man Banner
Banners really stand out on the field. These ones are my friends and help me fly kites no matter what there mood.