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.:: Long Fin Banner Fish ::.

A real school of them, don't they look great?
A real school of them,
don't they look great?

Long Fin Banner Fish, Heniochus Acuminatus, is it's scientific name. But don't let that fool you. It's a little beauty and at 1.75 cm tall this one is specially developed for you to make in your own studio or work space. This piece of line art has been developed with the kite builder in mind. I have received a lot of requests for the plans of my "Fish in Line" so I made a decision to accommodate those wanting to make one of these pieces.

.:: Not for the faint hearted ::.

This is by no means an easy project to do and after conducting a study where several volunteers made one of these to test the waters so to speak, no pun intended, I came to the conclusion that it is more suited for kite builders with at least 2 to 3 years experience. In saying that, there were a few beginners in the study and they were able to complete this model albeit using a little more time than the more experienced. I would like to officially thank those who took part in these trials so that you can benefit from their experiences.

Image borrowed from a happy client who built a few
Image borrowed from a happy client who built a few.

One of the ideas behind this little exercise is that once you have completed your Kit-Set, you should have acquired the necessary skills to go and develop your own models. Well I believe so anyway. This Kit-Set involves a lot of curved sewing so you will learn to master that technique in the process. At the moment the Kit-Sets are available in orange and yellow but you can have your favorite colour if I happen to have that in stock. The price for this Kit-Set is set at NZ$150. Please use you favorite converter to see how much that is in your own currency. You'll be pleasantly surprised. The Kit-Set comes complete with carabiners, line, dacron, basically everything you need, just add wind.

This kit is also available in the 3 meter size. There are some small changes but not to the overall look. Plenty of colours to choose from.

Size Make It Yourself Kit Already Made Up
1.75 Meters NZ$ 175 Postage Included
3 Meters NZ$ 375 Postage Included