Clown Socks, an anemone with a clown fish, click to see them My Great Clown Bol, Click to see it. Ralph, the inflatable Eddy. Have a look. My Angel Shark, cross between a shark and a Ray, great looking kite. Click to take a look Check out the Moorish Idols A great looking monkey, trying to catch a banana, click it to take a look. A French Angel Fish, click to take a look The all time favorite kite I made. Take a look. Longfin Banner Fish Kit-set, the popular build yourself fish

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Click to go to my Softkites Page
Well most of you have found out that making and designing soft kites is a speciality of mine. I have made quite a lot of these and more to come.
Click to go to my Spared Kites Page
Soft kites are obviously not the only kites I build, sparred kites are first and foremost what most kite fliers build themselves and myself as well of course.
Click to go to my Line Art Page
The lines we use to fly our kites on, look empty if they don't have some form of art tied onto it.
Click to go to my Ground Art Page
As you know it is not just the Sky and our Lines we decorate, the ground around us should look great as well. There are a few items I have designed to do just that.