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.:: Newsletter April 2006 [#3] ::.

Dear Kite Friends

.:: What's Up ::.
Easter is once again come and gone and that means that the weather will start to cool down. For those of you who live on the opposite side of the equator on the other hand,things are heating up and you will undoubtedly get busy out there enjoying the sunshine and the warm prevailing winds.

Here in Blenheim the restaurant trade slows right down in the winter so I will have more time to spend in the studio developing some of those ideas that have been lying around for a while. First on the list is the Kit-Set which is nearly completed, this will be available from about end of May from my site. For those of you who enjoy building kites, this is a great little "Fish in Line" project that you can do in your own studio or workshop at your own pace. Full instructional documentation will be included.

.:: Fish in Line ::.

Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major
On the subject of "Fish in Line", I have been making some new models and one of them has just gone to Bermuda and featured at the Good Friday kite fly held locally I believe. The species is a "Sergeant Major", seen here to the right, and was commissioned by a Bermudan kite flyer. This model is 4.5 meters long x 3 meters tall or for the non metric amongst you, that is roughly 14 x 10 ft. He's a big softy really and doesn't bite.

.:: New Kites ::.

Also on de developing front, there are several new kites on the drawing board. One in particular needs to be worked on some more. It's purpose is to serve as a lifter/stabilizer kite for larger kites and line art.The shape is very radical in design but that doesn't mean it will be suitable as a lifter. Only trials will tell. I suppose it is one of those things you deal with asa designer, it might look good but will it work? There are a further three new models currently under construction. I hope to bring you pictures and details in the not too distant future.

.:: Angel Shark ::.

Angelshark 5 meters
Angelshark, testflight 05/04/06
Another 5 x 7.50 meter [16 x 24 ft]version of my "Angel Shark" wascompleted recently and ison it's way to enjoy the summer winds. This kite will fly without a lifter kite, but in stronger winds I recommend a lifter for extra stability.

Included with this kite is a new "Fin-drogue", a fish like drogue that will be supplied with most of my marine themed kites. This drogue had some extra fins initially but were removed in the late design stages due to instability issues.

.:: New Toy ::.

Unicorn Sewing machine Some of you might know that I recentlypurchased a new toy for the studio,a sewing machine. I am very pleased with this machine and have not yet found out what it can't do. I know Sue is safe because it can't cook so she is still with me, LOL. What I do know it can do is a great job sewing those curved panels as found in most of the Fish in Line pieces. What a difference this has made in terms of ease. I don't believe howI have done without one of these for so long. If you are in the market for a new machineI highly recommend you get one of these.
Features include: Walking foot, auto back tack, thread cutting, auto foot lifter and many more that are related to stitching.

.:: Kite Festivals ::.

Plans to visit four festivals in Europe this coming August and September are well under way. I look forward to my overseas trips as we all do. Planned for Dieppe [France]is a great fish in line display as part of their "Flora and Fauna" theme this year so my work is cut out for me over the coming months. Visits to Emmen in the Netherlands as well as two festivals in England are alsopart of our itinery this year.
Sue and I hope to see you there and if you can't make it, have a great season.

Steady Breezes
Robert van Weers