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.:: Newsletter - January 2006 -[#2] ::.

Dear Kite Friends

Happy New Year
.:: Happy New Year ::.
I would like to take this opportunity and wish you all a great 2006 with many usable flying days spent in the company of good friends.

I hear all the time about new years resolutions, I just don't get it. Why do people wait until the first of January to make big changes in their lives? I suppose it is a good excuse or rather poor excuse for the days they were meant to do something about their health issues they are unhappy about and should have really done something about it ages ago. Sure, I need to loose some weight and probably should stop smoking as it is becoming very un-PC to do so, but I will do these things when I am ready in my own time and not because it just happens to be the first day of a new year. So I have decided not to have any resolutions in terms of my health but instead to resolve a series of problems in regards to old and new designs.

2006 is shaping up to be a good year already with plans to visit five overseas festivals and at least release four new designs and fix some of the old ones I mentioned earlier. My first priority in terms of my hobby is to have a set of plans for you all to enjoy as many of you have been asking for some Idol plans. I hope to have these ready for download at the end of January or early February. Please keep an eye out for this at my site. I will release a newsletter in the beginning of February to keep you all informed.

.::Idol Workshop ::.

For those who did not already know this, I held an Idol making workshop last October. The aim was to make a Moorish Idol, one of my recent pieces of line art. The class was restricted to ten participants. In hindsight that was a good decision as I was kept very busy indeed. A full report plus images can be viewed at my site. [Click Here]

If any of you had already downloaded David Gombergs new catalogue, you would have seen that from about March 2006 my swallows will be available directly from David site. I would like to thank David for his support in helping to free up some of my time so I can concentrate more on research and development and get some of your orders out quicker.

Make it a good year folks and I look forward to seeing you at a kite festival somewhere in the not too distant future. Be sure to say hello.
Steady Breezes
Robert van Weers