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.:: Newsletter September 2005 ::.

Dear Kite Friends

.:: First newsletter ::.

This is the very first newsletter and I plan to publish many more as part of my website. For the moment this is planned to be a quarterly publication but that might change as time goes by. There is an option at the bottom of this publication to remove yourself from my list. You can do so at any time. You can also receive the plain text version if you have problems with your email client. Just let me know.
So what's been happening?
.:: New Kite Studio ::.

My new Workshop
Cutting Templates
As you can see in the first image I have settled nicely into my new kite studio. The old one was getting a bit small and it was very claustrophobic in there so I decided to create some more space. It's great having the new workbench, which is 5 meters long by 1.8 meters wide. Making the bigger kites and line art pieces a lot easier to handle and maneuver than before. It also speeds up production as I can now cut long pieces out in one go rather than having to move the pieces across the smaller bench several times before the piece is finally cut out. Some of the pieces for my new LBF are 4 meters long.

A new sewing machine is still on my wish list that will complete the transformation.
.:: Fish In Line ::.
Long Nose Butterfly Fish
I am pleased to announce that the second piece of this series is finally completed. This is a swimming companion for the [Idols.] The species is a"Copper Banded Butterfly Fish" also known as a long nose butterfly fish. I call them LBF for short, it is such a mouthful otherwise. They are attached to the line in two places and are very similar in structure to the Idols. They are also very complex to build and consist of around 60 panels. The one in the image to the right is a 3 meter version but I manufacture them in three sizes, the same as the Idols.
There are more images and further information on a page dedicated to the mat my website. [Click Here] to go there. Four more designs from this series are sitting on my drawing board just dying to come alive. Keep an eye out for these.

.:: Plans ::.
I have received quite a lot of requests for some of the plans off my website.For obvious reasons some of these are no longer available. I would still like to help out other kite flyers in their quest to make better kites so I have started a page where you can look at some of my work methods. Not that it is the best way of course but it could be helpful to other kite builders. There aren't that many hints to start with but they will increase with time. [Click Here]

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