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.:: Nudibranch ::.

Nudi Branch

Meet Nudibranch, yes it is a strange name but that is what they are called out there.

This species is an underwater sea snail or slug. The image to the left is the real thing.
When I first saw this beast I wanted to turn it into a kite as it looks just fantastic.

This was a hard kite to build as it has 100 spikes on it's back. In real life they can have more or some have even less. All spikes are made of three colours so there is a lot of cutting and sewing required. I do like the work so that helps. This new kite comes in two sizes, a 5 meter version of which you see here and a ten meter version. There is still a little bit of touching up to do but that is not that much. One item is the feelers, they need to stand out a bit more. I hope to have that done within the next two weeks.
Keep an eye out here for updates.