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Robert van Weers
April 2010
Dear Kite friends;

Yes, it has been a while but I have finally updated my website. It still looks a bit the same but the html in the background has dramatically improved and you don't need to know that stuff so I will not bore you with those details but it is a bit like your home, you often make improvements but it never stops. There is always something around corner that needs to be done. Hé, that also sounds a bit like our kite hobby!!

.:: The New Monkey ::.

New Monkey

.:: DUFFFY ::.

[click to enlarge]

What is new?
Well not a hell of a lot apart from some improvements to some of the kites I have made in the past. The Monkey is one of them and you can get a look at it should you not have seen the improved version. Just click on the image to the right.
It should be in Europe at the Cervia festival these coming weeks if the volcano with that nice to pronounce name, stops burping its way into the books as the most costly natural event to humans in resent history. My word it is upsetting a lot of people even the CEO's of airline companies are upset so much so that they fly through the volcano clouds to prove the point that it is not that dangerous.
Getting back to the monkey, there is another one on the way as we speak and I will fly that one at events during my travels later on in the year.

The other recent kite is the duck I called DUFFFY. [DUck Free Falling For You]. It is very popular with kids as well and they recognize it even when it is deflated. I found that out recently at a few schools where I did some classes. They must have recognized it through the color scheme.

Speaking of events, I recently visited one on Borneo, Indonesia in a place called Balikpapan and I have uploaded some images of that festival to share and I must say that I had a great time there, especially the food as Nasi Goreng is a favorite of mine and instead of having bacon and eggs for breakfast, I ate what they eat over there and Nasi Goreng was on the menu in the morning as well.

.:: The M.J. Band ::.

New Monkey
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The event was opened by a marching band and their costume was right out of Michael Jackson's wardrobe, great looking stuff. The organizers had also allocated a group of helpers for all us international kite fliers and that was in my books a great idea as it made our job in the extreme heat a lot easier to deal with.
Just click on festival button located at the top of my website, and you will see the link in the list of events, or [click here].

There is also a list of events I will most likely travel to this year. A nice thought is if I can do both Dieppe festivals, the Canadian one and the French one. It looks like I will at this stage and I am sure I will not be the only one to do so.

Robert van Weers

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